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the Truthfairy Project™

Since we’re here together, I’d really like to tell you about this thing.

The Truthfairy Project is this space–a place for women I dreamed of and then created because there wasn’t one like it, and it seemed long overdue. Why me? I’ve worn out that question on myself many times and the short answer is:

a) I’ve been all kinds of “there”, and

b) It’s why I’m here, and it’s why I survived.

True Story #1: It wasn’t easy convincing myself that I was up for the job until I thought long and hard about how much we all deserve to be dealt the Truth.

Along my own Yellow Brick Road adventure, I discovered I’m not alone in the search for signs of aware and compassionate female life forms who are interested in getting to the Truth about themselves and their relationships with others; specifically, and especially those who are no longer satisfied with pretending not to know what they know.

The Truth is, there is more for you. More for all of us.

I think it’s time women learn how to speak and own their Truth without fear. If you’re up for the journey to dive deeper and fly higher, you’re my kind of gal.

Are We Your Kind?

  • Are you open to seeing yourself?
  • Do you suspect there’s more for you to be/do/live in this lifetime?
  • Tired of pretending you’re absolutely glued-together (like all the other women you “know” about)?
  • Ever wondered if you’re riding the crazy train and no one else is noticing but you?
  • Hell-bent on getting down to business about who in the world you are?
  • You’re ready to face yourself, get to know yourself and start claiming the life you are meant to live.

Yep. You fit right in.

  • Are you happy to JUST COUNT THE DAYS until your next mani-pedi?
  • Is your identity happily (yet, tediously) tied to your ZIP CODE, your social engagements, the make and model of your car or the newest GIVENCHY bag you’ll have before anyone else?
  • Is GOSSIP your gig and do you look forward to spilling it and hearing more over your next round of coffee or Cosmos?
  • Do you automatically refer to her as “THAT B*TCH” when you aren’t getting along with other women?
  • Do you feel like IGNORANCE is a bountiful BLISS that everyone should ride through, waving at the peasants from a sparkle-dusted unicorn?
  • Does “feeling better” mean your lawyer has cleaned up that nasty little mess left over from those bullsh*t DWI’s?
  • You are satisfied and/or justified/quite content with all or any of the above?


You won’t find us interesting.

The North Arrow | Be. Do. Live.®

The North Arrow | Be. Do. Live.®

Truth | Trust | Power of Real

The North Arrow | Be. Do. Live.® designs “Get There Faster”  experiential trainings for women who are seeking to dive into their Design, their Journey, their Awareness, Truth, Trust and Connectivity. It’s safe to look, to discuss, to envision, to speak, to see and be seen.

That’s why we’re here.  All of us.


Donna Syed

Donna Syed

writ·er | vi·sion·ar·y | cat·a·lyst

Donna Syed is the writer, visionary and designer of the North Arrow’s Be. Do. Live.® and Truthfairy training experiences designed for women who are seeking more from their life journeys. Her interactive designs take journey-seekers on the “deep swim” of self-acceptance and enrichment. A victor over child abuse, spousal abuse, and poverty, Donna brings forth the experiences and knowledge to lead women on the path to wholeness and purpose, inspiring them to fold-in and experience the power of Choice, Truth and Trust that leads to the freedom and pathways of their ultimate purpose and vision.

Donna’s gifts include advocacy and innovation specializing in women who find themselves disenfranchised, yet determined seekers of Truth, freedom + upward transition.

Also on the List: Writer, Talent Scout, Author, Contributor, Mastermind Group Facilitator, Somatic Dance Instructor, Laughing Foot-Clapper (with a side of snort), Algebra Lover, Logophile, Research Geek, Parking Space Pull-Through Protestor, Book Buzzsaw, Period Fashion Drooler, Sandlot Photographer, Wisdom Seeker, Lesson Learner–but otherwise, and foremost, just Donna Syed.

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