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What if I really AM

angry? | hurt? | crazy? | desperate? | a fool? | unplugged? | a liar? | unqualified? | greedy? | materialistic? | a fraud? | worthless? | an alcoholic? | a bitch? | unwanted? | lazy? | stupid? | unworthy? | trash? | unplugged? | an addict? | depressed? | a horrible mother? | too old? | too late? | to blame? |

You’ve stood accused and guilty when you wished you could plead your innocence, explain what really led up to all of this–or prove temporary insanity; but the charges, words they said, the judgements, the labels that bear no expiration based upon pieces of truth or untruth laced with venom and slung about like straightjackets . . .

And now it’s you, questioning you. Standing there, toes on the threshold.

Skeleton key in hand.


What if you’ve been free all this time?

Unlock Your

freedom to choose | purpose | dreams | soul | wisdom | passion | illusions | gifts to the world | creative flow | peace | story | potential| energy | brilliance | motivation | genius | true identity

by Honoring Your Truth

Even if it’s just a little bit at a time.

That’s what happens when you decide to become your own Truthfairy. It’s safe to tell you the Truth.  You’re not judgmental. You’re kind, you’re intelligent, and you’re compassionate.

And the best part is, you know your story better than anyone.

Does this seem a little intimidating? Maybe even a little scary–or even dangerous? Everything about what has happened up to the moment you made it to reading this very WORD has been more unbelievable than fiction . . .

because it’s True.

Do you feel that? That’s your Truth outgrowing your fear.

For each time the Truth seemed to hurt.


 For each time compassion met you at the depth of your pain.


For every sacred moment you recognize in real time.


 My story might be your medicine, and your story might be mine.


There’s more for you, Truthfairy.